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Fuxin KAISENMENG Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May of 2014. Located in Fuxin Fluorine Industrial Development Zone, it covers an area of 66,552 square meters and a construction area of 3,500 square meters, with total investment of RMB 90 million Yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development, production, sale, technology transfer and consultation service of chemical products.
After completion, there will be three manufacturing shops, one multi-functional shop, one research and testing center, one power house, one drying and packing workshop and one storage center.
Our main products are various organic intermediates, including, trifluoromethoxybenzene series, trifluorotoluene series, benzoic acid series, benzaldehyde series, nitrogenous benzene series and other intermediates. We can carry out organic synthesis elementary reaction, purification and aftertreatment, substitution reaction, oxidizing reaction, reduction reaction, condensation reaction and metallic element organic reaction.
Our company has powerful technology storage, research capacity, manufacturing and testing instrument. We can customized manufacture of thousands of organic chemical intermediates.
Fuxin KAISENMENG Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes your join!


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